Zoner Photo Studio

What's new in Zoner Photo Studio 15

Zoner Photo Studio is quite a well-known photo-editing application that comes to serve a number of post-processing tasks with a certain ease-of-use that simply reminds you of the simple days.

Zoner Photo Studio 14: Stunning new Tone Mapping based HDR and GPU acceleration

A few weeks ago the new version of Zoner Photo Studio was introduced. So we will take a look on its new features, including nice tone mapping based HDR, GPU acceleration for faster calculations or direct connection to

Comparison: one click photo editing in Picasa, Photoshop Elements, PaintShop Photo Pro, Windows Live Photo Gallery and Zoner Photo Studio

One click photo editing feature is very popular by the beginners. Most of the photo editors offers this functionality. However there could be very different results when using one click editing in several applications. Most of us are able to use manual editing and beautify our photos with more or less advanced techniques. But when we are in hurry, we all love one lick editing I think. Don’t you?

Panoramatic photo using Zoner Photo Studio

This type of photo studio is made for all the users of cameras, digital cameras, mobile devices and in scanners. From begin to end it contains all the tools, which one needs for high quality digital processing. It contains various tools such as;

Removal of Red Eye Defect Using Zoner Photo Studio 10

Zoner Photo Studio 10 is the best and probable one of the most efficient tools to organize your photos. With this software, you get an all-in-one photos editing and managing program that not only allows you to upgrade your photos and edit them but also supports sharing!