Panoramatic photo using Zoner Photo Studio

This type of photo studio is made for all the users of cameras, digital cameras, mobile devices and in scanners. From begin to end it contains all the tools, which one needs for high quality digital processing. It contains various tools such as;

Tools for manual and automatic editing and also contains defect correction in pictures.

This photo studio contains tools for downloading pictures to your computer.

It is also used for publishing and sharing photos.

It manages various photos with great ease.

Zoner photo studio is used for photo processing etc.

Zoner photo studio is used by various users such as experienced photographers, advanced users.

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Panorama Photography using Zoner Photo Studio

If the photographer follows these guidelines, photographer can achieve the best result or output while taking the shots which will make the forthcoming shots after as easy as possible. A panorama with almost rarely seen transitions between source shots will be the result.

Lens with a relatively large focal length should be used to take the individual shots. Shots cannot be joined precisely using wide and zoom angle lenses as it frequently suffers from barrel distortion. The photographer should turn the camera to the subject, if it's not possible to use a lens with large focal length which helps in joining the photos very easily.

As one take the shots one should rotate the camera around the center of the shots. If the photographer does not do so, it creates difficulty in joining the photographs of the individual shots taken from slightly different angles. This is especially in case of nearby objects. This difficulty can be overcome by placing the camera on a tripod by taking advantage of the tripod or by using some special tools can help. It is impossible to meet this demand if the photographer takes the shots with the hand and the photographs cannot be joined correctly.

Between shots the camera's rotation should be only along the vertical axis. The camera should be turned in one direction, while taking pictures by hand (it's most important). Using a tripod this goal can be met easily.

The ideal overlap shots should be from 30 to 50 percent. If the overlap is larger, from 70-80 percent for the program it is too much to account which ultimately results bad joining of the photographs. In smaller overlaps, for adjacent points it is difficult to find the common points. Hence the joining areas will be more apparent.

The lenses should not be tilted, if the lens of the camera is not hold flat by the photographer, the outcome will not be as good as the expected one. The photograph depends on how the photographer holds the camera.

If the photographer fails to do so, one should use manually set white balance.

For exposure locking the lighting conditions should be fairy throughout the photographed scene. The lighting should be properly adjusted because lesser light conditions will lead to underexposure wherein over light will lead to over exposure. To balance the exposure between shots, the photographer should set the 0exposure by hand or exposure correction should be used.

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Features of Zoner Photo Studio can be listed as follows:

Image acquiring

Various types of digital cameras are supported by this feature. It also provides support for developing from the cameras. Example: CANNON RAW CRW FORMAT.

Magic image

As the name suggests various special effects can be added which are as follows;

  1. Adding frames
  2. Adding beautiful landscape as the background image
  3. Color can be changed
  4. Adding of grains is possible
  5. Envelopes can be added
  6. Also soft shadows can be added to the image.

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Digital archives can be managed

It manages various archives such as;

  1. File operations can be performed
  2. Filtering can be done
  3. Cataloging of CD'S and DVD's can be one
  4. it also manages descriptions

The power can be chosen according to one's need

Zoner photo studio contains various set of tools. This photo studio is available in four different ways. Version can be chosen as per the requirements of digital photography processing or as per the requirements of the person.

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Thus, using zoner photo studio the photographer can add various special effects. Zoner photo studio is helpful to the photographer in many ways.