Color preservation with the help of Picasa

Picasa can help to preserve the natural colors of the image. In certain cases, color of certain objects may not be properly reproduced in the image taken. In such situation you can improve the beauty of the image with the help of an image editing software like Picasa, which is a freeware.

In order to make the change, launch Picasa. Wait for the new images to load in it. Browse through the images and select the image for which the editing is required. Selection can be done by double clicking the image. Once the image is selected, a new editor window will open on the left side along with the selected image.

Select the ‘Effects’ option from the editor window. Below the Effects you can see 10 types of effects. Select the ‘Tint’ option from it. Inside the tint option, you can see a color preservation option which can be adjusted to obtain proper color concentration of the image.

Vary it in an appropriate manner to get the desired effect on the picture as given below.

Once the editing is finished, right click on the image and select the save option from the drop down menu for saving the edited image.

The difference between the unedited image and the edited image is given below.