How to take photographs of Panorama

In photography no art is easy, if you want to take good photographs of any subject you have to first master that art. Same is case with Panorama photography. It is not just clicking any natural scenery which looks good. But you have to take care of each and every nook and corner, from lighting to camera rotation is to taken into consideration. Described below are some of important tips that will help you for good outcome.

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Tips for taking the photographs of Panorama

Lights: In photography you should be master in handling lights, without it you will never get a good outcome. If your subject is nature overcast day will give you good light and the photo will always be neutral in appearance. If you are taking the photographs in sunlight, you should avoid including the sun in the photo as it will spoil the photo with its glittery effect. Evening light is the best if you want to avoid the glittery effect.

Lenses and the Cameras: Images for stitching can be produced by any camera of any brand, so no need to purchase a different camera. Digital cameras make a good choice as they are very easy in handling. If you are using camera with high resolution it is oblivious that quality of image will be enhanced. If you are taking a snap of 360˚ * 180˚ or sweeping landscapes using of wide angle lens with 28mm focal lengths or more will give you best outcome. If the Panorama subject is 2 dimensional use a tele photo lens. If you follow this you will get high resolution images.

Settings for the Camera: Keeping the camera in manual mode is good when it comes to taking the photo of panorama. The exposure should be set to one level and should be kept same for all the shots. Zooming while taking the photograph will spoil the photo. Also keep the camera flash off, if not possible mask it with dark tape.

Camera Rotation: If you are rotating over the nodal point it will not cause the parallax, as in this case camera is moving in proportion with the distance. If parallax is present ghosting effect is seen in the images which are stitched. If panoramic head is not present then you move around the lens instead of rotating the lens. Creating 30% of overlapping in between images is good going.

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Photo Stitching Software’s: Photoshop Elements 5 and 6 is good utility if you are choosing software for photo stitching. Autopano Pro is good for snapshot or planar photographs. Autostitch will not be a good choice if the panorama photography is a serious affair for you.