Fine Tune the image using Picasa

With the help of Google’s Picasa you can fine tune any image depending on your choice. First of all, select a photo from Picasa for fine tuning. Double click on the selected image to open it in the editor window.

You can see different editing options on the left side of the window. In order to fine tune the image, select the tuning option. Once you select the option, four parameters which can be varied will be displayed under the tuning option. The success of tuning depends on your ability to adjust the four parameters, so that a perfect image is obtained. Patience also matters. If you are using it for the first time, just vary the four sliders separately and observe the changes in the picture. It can help you to get more perfect images. Four parameters are Fill Light, Highlights, Shadows and Color Temperature.

As the first step, move the Fill Light slider and fix the slider at a position chosen by you. Then adjust the Highlights option accordingly. Once you fix that you can move to the other two options. If you feel that the picture can be tuned better if you make further changes to a previously changed parameter then do it. In this way you can get a fine tuned picture. If you move the Shadows slider towards the right side then it will increase the shadows in the image. Fill light parameter can help to make the image look much better.

Color Temperature slider is used for increasing the color of the image. So, proper care must be taken while changing this parameter. There will be one more option below that, neutral color picker. It is not needed now.

After making all the necessary changes, right click on the image and select the save option from the drop down menu to save the image.

Now, you can see the difference between the original image and the edited image.