How to add text to your photos with flauntR?

In flauntR is conceived and designed with the vision of facilitating the online photo editing consumers to improvise, enhance and retouch their photographs images without learning about or going through painful reading of heaps of how to use manuals. It doesn’t even require you to purchase or download any expensive software. FlauntR is privately funded. 

The FlauntR suite currently comprises of following free services 

o        flauntR-editR: includes the basic techniques of photo editing namely; red eye correction, resizing of the images, cropping, adjusting the color, etc.
o        flauntR-stylR: enables the users adding 1000s of effects to images with a single click, making it hassle free!
o        flauntR-profilR: allows you to create profile images for around 50 different social networks.
o        flauntR-mobilR: mainly used for creating wallpapers supported by almost 200 different mobile handsets.
o        flauntR-printR: this feature helps users to create photo-based products like remembrance gifts which include printing on posters, cups, cards, and even t-shirts. 

The FlauntR allows online sharing more efficiently 

OpenSocial provides a general set of applications for social purpose across numerous websites. Using the standard Javascript and HTML, users can easily create applications that access many of the social network's friends and upload recent photography collections. OpenSocial, which is at present being developed by Google in combination with few others belonging to the  web community. The ultimate goal is for any social website to be able to implement the apis and host 3rd party social applications. There are countless websites instigating OpenSocial networks for friends online. A few famous to name will include Orkut, hi5, Engage, Friendster, Hyves, Ning, imeem, LinkedIn, MySpace, Oracle, Plaxo, Six Apart and XING. Users of these networks need to share a lot of pictures online with their friends and there is felt the need of online photo-editors! FlauntR is one such efficient service provider in the list.

Currently, flauntR has its headquarters based in Zurich, Switzerland and actually it has been engineered in Trivandrum, located in Southern India. Basically, flauntR is nurtured and incubated by DeviceDriven. FlauntR has released details of the screenshots on the website of the flauntR application suite that efficiently runs well in the developer sandbox available on Orkut. Get your get-together photos presented and published as a pencil sketch. Just create a collage of your favorite pals’ photos. Do almost anything creative with sharing and publishing just with FlauntR to help you out!   

The features available in FlauntR 


Many of the online users still feel tantalized while using Photoshop and other higher end professional editing operations. What if you get alike photo editing features for free, with a better user friendly interface and that too with just a few clicks! 

The special bread and butter photo retouching techniques!

Be it uploading photos for your most advanced presentations to your boss or just sending the snaps of your children to your parents, flauntR has it all you would need! From the very basic cut-crop-rotate tools, to special photo effects like soften or sharpen, it even supports image boosting and red eye defect removal. It enables you adjust light exposure and color correction in your photos. 

Enhancement of the photos 

It provides you with the effects used by professional photographers. Right from adding photo vignettes to get the typical classic look, or a tone of wistfulness with either a posterize and grain effect or considering more alien cross processing effects, name it and you have it. One can even go in for night vision styles and infrared views to add interest to your special photos. There are 1000s of effects that one may desire, just a click away.


Now is the real essence of the software, make your pictures convey your messages. Get more animated with your special photos with conventional font text messages, express what you want to say, add all kinds of shapes, like the bumper stickers or even camouflages onto your photos! Speak out your feelings through the photos!

Add text to your images

Remind your family of the good times captured in the snaps, or make up with friends that you’ve lost touch with. Turn photos into outstandingly personal greeting cards with a touch of your words! Discover variety of text fonts to suit your messages. Make your photos absolutely touching by adding quotes or your own conversations.

Speech bubbles, Slap-on shapes, or stickers to photos

Loads to experiment with and fun never ends! Highlight your close friends in your old and hazy school photos, or even make a comic strip with photos of your best pals and add speech bubbles to them. FlauntR has to offer everything right from animals and signpost symbol to astrological signs, to smileys, get several options to suit any photo! Masquerades and bling buttons, especially designed to impress and blow out the minds of your friends.

Steps to add text

For instance suppose you have some photograph of a Flower and want to add quotes to it, following a simple process you can achieve it! Initially, open and register into flauntR to get a welcome window as shown in Screenshot 1.


Now you can see the window of flauntR , select the Get Photos button as shown in Screenshot 2.


Select the picture of your choice and click on the textR button and the textR window opens infront of you, now click on the text button on the right had side of the screen, as shown in Screenshot 3.


Add the quote you want should come with the image as shown in screenshot 4 and select the appropriate font after you are done with the typing and click on the Add button


The quoted text now appears on the image; adjust its placement as per your desires.


Other features of flauntR


Print your photos onto real world commodities! FlauntR allows you to own an outstandingly personal high quality print product. Use your photos to design cool stuff for practical uses!


Upload your cell phones with your best mega pixel photos, be it desktop wallpapers or pictures of your pet, FlauntR supports over 250 phone models of different cell phones.             


In conclusion got your 'best photo angle' with the use of profilR to customize and crop your social network profile photo and show the best in you to the world!