How to create Deep Zoom panorama?

Microsoft's developers recently launched the new version of the Deep Zoom Composer. This application is intended to prepare special photos for using in Deep Zoom applications. The new version of Deep Zoom Composer has one interesting feature - it is able to create panorama photos.

Haven't heard heard about Deep Zoom technology yet? It is a part of Silverlight 2, Microsoft's response to Adobe Flash. You can read more info about the Deep Zoom at my other website,, in the Deep Zoom introduction article.

And for those who are interested in creating panorama photos using Deep Zoom there is a simple tutorial:

  1. Run the Deep Zoom Composer. If you have a previous version you have to remove it before installing this new one.
  2. Start with the Import tab and click the Add Image button. The open dialog will appear. Select all files you have taken by your digital camera for panoramatic photo.
  3. After all images are imported, drag them from the right panel to the working area. Order this images as they will appear on in the panoramatic photo. The visual aid will help you.
  4. Use CTRL-A keys and right click on the selected images in the working area. Use the Create panoramic photo function.
  5. Deep Zoom Composer will work for a while and after that you will be prompted with final panorama and save dialog. That's all.

Deep Zoom technology is a great way how to show up the large images (and gigapixels panoramas) on the web page without the need to transfer large data blocks to the visitors. Check my article mentioned above.

You can find more info about Deep Zoom Composer at the Expression Blend and Design homepage.