Panoramatic photography

Panoramic photography is a type of photography which aims at creating images with exceptionally broad fields of view. Panoramic photography is as ancient as photography itself. Joseph Puchberger was the first one to submit recorded patents for a panoramic camera in 1843 in Austria.

The features of the first panoramatic camera can be listed as follows:

  1. It consisted of 150 degrees of field of view.
  2. This camera had a focal length up to 8-inches and exposed a large Daguerreotype up to 610 mm long.

Friedrich won Martens, the next year assembled a more successful and more advanced his camera in Germany in1844. He included camera MEGASCOPE in his camera which offered a still panning speed with the help of added feature of set of gears. This camera exposed the photographic plates and created a fluctuation in the exposure which is known as banding.

There were also some demerits of this camera which are as follows:

  1. It was expensive.
  2. This camera included expensive spare parts.
  3. It also faced a technical difficulty of exposing the photographic plates


This kind of photography is one of the important area in the field of photography. Various panoramatic cameras were available in the market with different brand names. But the people are not interested in purchasing these kinds of cameras now-a-days. Still there is an exception for expensive cameras such as newer Xpan II and the Hasselblad Xpan.

Here are some basic tips for creating panoramatic photographs

  1. The sensitive layer of film should be vertically oriented which means that the camera should be held vertical.
  2. Expanding the vertical and uppening the horizontal, to find his motive the photographer must tune himself into the panoramatic mode of seeing things.
  3. The amount of exposure should be equal to the length of the entire length of the shot approximately. This should be the case only when one is using an intelligent panoramatic camera with the help of which one can change the exposure time along different sections of picture.

Adjustments and methods for panoramatic photography

The camera should be positioned vertical and should be checked with the naked eye, as per the vertical lines of the pillars or the buildings.

One should not neglect the limitations eyepiece which does not give the image of the shot with an accurate angle, rather something like 95-97%.

The image properly fit into the vista is difficult to get at the outset. The subject should be strictly confirmed with the choice of the subject and composition.

Selecting an appropriate exposure is another tricky matter. Only when dealing with shots containing a greater amount of brightness and shadowing, this will come into play.

In this wider format photographing in any case will expand ones own horizons, it will be a pleasant change if it is at a standard ratio of 2:3.

Applications of panoramatic photography

Many normal snapshot photographers are also using these digital cameras. Placing these on the World Wide Web, these photographers take the advantage of the convenience of the form when sending images by emails.

Due to its high image quality and many other merits of digital photography, to be specific the importance of this kind of photography in daily newspapers and magazines etc. The digital cameras are being used now-a-days by majority of the professional and news photography.

As compared to best digital projectors, some high end film can be projected for viewing at a much higher optical resolution.

Artistic photography is attracting some of the commercial photographers and various photographers, have adapted to use digital cameras rather using the normal cameras because they are in a belief that images taken from a film camera are not as good as compared to the images taken from digital camera, especially the medium size photos taken from film cameras is impossible to match at any price with a digital camera.

Many cell phones are assembled with various digital cameras, even, because of the small, cheap quality of sensors and lenses in many of these phones, for making medium size prints these pictures makes them unsuitable.


For panoramatic photography one should use high quality digital cameras with a suitable stand to obtain the better result.