How to pose for a sexy photo

We all like to come out excellent in pictures, however, how often does that happen? How often didn’t we regret that silly pose, or the fact that we did not tilt our head more to the left or more to the right? In addition, that is just the beginning of it. Aside from the blemishes, and issues we all have in regards to the way we look, it is a true talent to know how to pose in a way that will be completely in your advantage.

Remember – hiding something too much will target the viewer towards that point, precisely. The first tip you can put into action is be natural – however, I do not mean be natural in a way your shoulders look like an ape’s shoulders or keeping your hands as hangers. Actually, it means not to be too dramatic about everything – do not go for the revealing image (where you seem to be showing everything you have on your body) and do not go for the shy look where you are trying to hide everything that’s wrong with you.

Remember to compensate for what you think is a disadvantage, by focusing on your advantages. Note that posture is very important in any picture. Weight distribution is part of this particular factor – you should always place one food behind the other and keep it as if you were just walking. Regardless of whether you will look at the camera or not, keep a relaxed, natural look, or smile from your heart (even if it is a fake smile, make it look real and natural).

Go for the stressed, sad or meditative look only if necessary for the picture, since often people look either too serious or too drugged with these types of postures. Do not keep your whole body straight – you are not in the army, it is not mandatory for every bone in your body to be as straight as it can be. Keep your back straight but tilt your head a little to the left or the right to enhance that relaxed look. Distribute your weight on your back leg, since this will give you a more slimming effect.

I keep repeating the same thing over and over again – be natural. People tend to pose as they think will suit them best, but they often approach the subject in a very …. bad way. As a photographer, I have noticed that whenever my models wanted to pose in an unnatural way, they often looked ridiculous – it is better to keep a natural look in your eyes, and a beautiful smile is all it takes to make an excellent image. Stop trying to look like all those Hollywood stars – those people study their own moves every day, and that’s why they look natural even when they’re not.

Your photographer should be able to teach you a few things about how to pose, nevertheless, if you do it for the first time, you will look rather artificial. This is why it would be a good idea to practice on your own – maybe bring a few new ideas in the picture. Keep an open mind, and avoid looking stiff or plain – remember that the picture has to say something good about it and emphasize your features and not your problems.