Teeth whitening in free online photo editor Picnik

I think that many of you would like to have nice smile and white teeth. However many people don't have this luck. There are several methods how to do teeth whitening using photo editors. If you prefer free solution and free online photo editors I can recommend Picnik. And there is a tutorial how to do teeth whiten using this tool.

If you are regular Internet user you probably know that Picnik is online photo editor which is available for free. Additionally to that there is a paid version with some additional features. However for the daily use the free version of this online photo editor is good enough.

So point your browser to the www.picnik.com URL and click the Get Started Now button. Register and sign in. The registration is free.

Upload photo for teeth whitening

Find a photo with person which have nice smile but needs the teeth whiten. Click the Upload Photo button and in the open dialog select this image file. If you are Flickr user you can get the photo directly from this service. Click the Photos tab and click the Flickr button (or other service) here. Confirm its cooperation with Picnik.

Do not afraid about password fraud. There is no need to provide it, since the cooperation between Picnik and other services works without the password.

After the file upload you will be switched to the Edit mode. If you are using Flickr images, select one of them, click the settings button and then click the Edit function.

Teeth whitening without laser

So you are on the Edit tab already. Try using Auto-fix button which will improve the colors quality of your photo. You can also try the Red-Eye function to remove the well-known problems with red eyes on the photo. But the main function for this tutorial you will find on the Create tab.

As soon as you are there use the zoom for better viewing of the smile and teeth on the photo.

Click the Touch-Up button. You will see some functions on the left side. The first, Teeth Whiten will help you with teeth whitening. Click on it and set up the size of whitening brush. Now click and drag in the smile and teeth. The teeth should change the look immediately. Continue until all the teeth are whiten. Remember that the change will not be permanent until you click the Apply button.

I higly recommend the Blemish Fix function too. It will help with removing some problems on the skin. It is fast and simple and works the same way as teeth whiten.

Photo saving and download

As soon as you are done, click the Save & Share tab. If you don't want to change file name or image dimensions, select one of the Formats. However for the photos is the best default JPEG. So click the Save Photo button.

The Picnik will work a few seconds and then you will see the Save dialog for image downloading. If you would like to save the edited photo to the Flickr, change the tab to the Save & Share and click the Flickr button. Set up the sharing and click the Save Photo button.

So as you can see, teeth whitening using Picnik is a matter of few minutes. If you are interested in online photo editors and image editing with them, check these articles also: