Editing photos

After you did a great shot you would like to improve your photos in the computer. And this is the right section of Photo HowTo you should visit. There are the articles about editing photos using Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom and other most known photo editing tools.

Adobe Lightroom Quick Tips: Super-Enhance Your Images With These Lightroom Tips

With all the crazy apps nowadays, enhancing your photos seems like the easiest thing ever – I mean, if even typical applications such as Picasa can help you bring out the color in your eyes and cheeks and make your vacation photographs sparkle, why do we need to complicate our lives with complicated editing software? This particular question was asked around Adobe Labs as well, and their answer to this problem was – Adobe Lightroom. It’s obviously a lot easier to use than Adobe Photoshop (if you’ve tried it, you know exactly what I mean), not to mention that it is designed to do exactly what a non-commissioned photographer needs – enhance their photos using some rather cool tricks.

Comparison: one click photo editing in Picasa, Photoshop Elements, PaintShop Photo Pro, Windows Live Photo Gallery and Zoner Photo Studio

One click photo editing feature is very popular by the beginners. Most of the photo editors offers this functionality. However there could be very different results when using one click editing in several applications. Most of us are able to use manual editing and beautify our photos with more or less advanced techniques. But when we are in hurry, we all love one lick editing I think. Don’t you?

How to remove background from the photo

From time to time you have to do collages or some website graphic. In these cases you may find useful or needed to remove the background from the source photos. You don’t have to use Photoshop or another graphic editor with its layers, curves, selection tools or eraser. Just use a simple freeware tool and remove the background with a few mouse turns.

How to prepare a photo for photo gifts

It is no secret that buying gifts is sometimes hard. Occasionally, you get that gift recipient who seems like they already have everything. You could spend hours browsing online or local stores only to come up empty handed. During that time, you will be overwhelmed with stress. If you are in this position right now, stop! The perfect gift is a photo gift. Photograph gifts are ideal for close friends, family members, or someone you do not know all that well (like a school bush driver, teacher or new coworker).

How to create Halloween photos

The Halloween is coming up and you should start thinking about some cool effects for your or your friends photos. There is many tutorials about how to create Halloween photo effects using common graphic editors like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2. However none of them offers special graphic tools for creating Halloween photos like the online photo editor Picnik does. Lets come to look how you can change your photos to get a Halloween atmosphere.

Lightroom 2 Tips and Tricks

Post-processing has reached a new era ever since people have learned to shoot their pictures in RAW. Before I wrote this article I took some time to think whether it would be a good idea to show you the miracles of RAW or whether it would be more interested to show the good Lightroom can do to a mere JPG image. Even if this particular article will not be a step-by-step tutorial I will make sure no part (of the article) of it is left unexplained. I used the new version of Adobe Lightroom, more precisely Adobe Lightroom 2.3

How to adjust photo colors using Adobe Photoshop CS4

There is a lot of tutorials describing how to use the image editors to adjust the colors of your photos. Many editors and organizer including my favorite Windows Live Photogallery are able to do it with just one click. If you have the newest Adobe Photoshop CS4, I highly recommend to try its new function Vibrance Adjustment.

How to clean old photographs

Old photographs are precious and prematurely age if stored incorrectly, or if your priceless treasures are exposed to moisture and careless handling. The last thing you want is to lose your precious memories of years and, even, generations long past.

Warmify effect in Picasa

Certain types of images can be made to look more natural and beautiful with the help of Warmify effect in Picasa. This effect can be more effective for images containing mountains and also for deserts. The change can be easily brought in the image with the help of Google’s Picasa.

Soft Focus in Picasa

If you want to focus any particular object in a picture then you can use the Soft focus feature provided in Picasa. Other objects or surroundings around the main object can be seen in the faded form. Thus more importance can be given to the object under consideration.

Sepia Effect and Film Grain Effect in Picasa

Sepia effect and Film grain effect are two popular effects in Picasa. These effects can be used to change the nature of the image taken. Sepia effect actually adds a brown tone to the image. Thus, the image looks like an aged one. You can easily implement sepia effect by using Google’s Picasa, which is a freeware. The Film grain effect transforms the image into a movie image with grains.

How to create Black and White Image using Picasa

Some images appear more beautiful in black and white than in color. You can turn those images into black and white with the help of Google’s Picasa. The advantage of using Picasa is that it is a freeware.

Glow Effect and Focal Black and White Effect using Picasa

Glow effect and Focal black & white effect are the two important effects in Google Picasa. You can use these effects on certain pictures to make it more beautiful. The advantage of using Google’s Picasa is that it is a freeware. It is user friendly also.

Fine Tune the image using Picasa

With the help of Google’s Picasa you can fine tune any image depending on your choice. First of all, select a photo from Picasa for fine tuning. Double click on the selected image to open it in the editor window.

Color preservation with the help of Picasa

Picasa can help to preserve the natural colors of the image. In certain cases, color of certain objects may not be properly reproduced in the image taken. In such situation you can improve the beauty of the image with the help of an image editing software like Picasa, which is a freeware.