Editing photos

After you did a great shot you would like to improve your photos in the computer. And this is the right section of Photo HowTo you should visit. There are the articles about editing photos using Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom and other most known photo editing tools.

Red Eye Removal using Picasa

Google’s Picasa is an easy to use picture editor and picture organizer. The main advantage of Picasa is that it is a freeware. The presence of red color pupils in photographs is referred to as the red eye in photography. It is an unwanted effect and it results in the loss of natural beauty of the photograph taken. It occurs when the lens of the camera is very close to the photographic flash light. One of the easiest methods to remove the red eye from a photograph is by using Google’s Picasa software.

Teeth whitening in free online photo editor Picnik

I think that many of you would like to have nice smile and white teeth. However many people don't have this luck. There are several methods how to do teeth whitening using photo editors. If you prefer free solution and free online photo editors I can recommend Picnik.

How to create Deep Zoom panorama?

Microsoft's developers recently launched the new version of the Deep Zoom Composer. This application is intended to prepare special photos for using in Deep Zoom applications. The new version of Deep Zoom Composer has one interesting feature - it is able to create panorama photos.

Panoramatic photo using Zoner Photo Studio

This type of photo studio is made for all the users of cameras, digital cameras, mobile devices and in scanners. From begin to end it contains all the tools, which one needs for high quality digital processing. It contains various tools such as;

How to add a dynamic sky to your photo

There are various methods to add sky in your photo especially when you want blue sky in the background of your photo and white appears. Now it is possible to change the sky background very easily by the help of photo editing program for this you can use tools like Photoshop and there are many other tools too.

How to Deal with Different Photo Editing Techniques?

Some simple techniques and great leaps to best photos! Making photographs more beautiful is of course an art, that everyone wants be skillful at. It although involves just a bit of careful attitude and thoughtfulness. Also one cannot deny the fact that it is often good to have decent equipment, but experience has proven all you truly need is give a moment of thought before every shot about what you are endeavoring to capture or shoot in your camera. Well, the following simple technical guidelines are proposed to help apprentice, amateurs, non-artistic, and non-technical photographers to immediately enhance their photography skills and their photographs thereby.

Removal of Red Eye Defect using Smilart Fan Studio Online Photo Editor

Smilart Fan Studio is an innovative project of the Smilart Company that enables the users to edit and change their digital photos online, for free! Thus now the users need not have highly paid techno software installed on their computers. Neither does this software need any registration, all you need is a computer and Internet access to it. This is trouble-free software with a simplistic user friendly interface that does not tantalize amateur photo editors to learn difficult techniques of photo editing.

How to add text to your photos with flauntR?

In flauntR is conceived and designed with the vision of facilitating the online photo editing consumers to improvise, enhance and retouch their photographs images without learning about or going through painful reading of heaps of how to use manuals. It doesn’t even require you to purchase or download any expensive software. FlauntR is privately funded. 

How to remove Red Eye effect using Picasa 2

Picasa 2 when acquired by Google, it decided to enable its user’s free access to the software. It is the easiest program available for photo management online and free. When Picasa 2 is installed into your system, it first scans the whole hard drive and searches for the available photos and images into the hard drive and displays them in libraries. It supports each and every image format available today in market. Backing up your photos, editing them, adjusting them are some of the available features.

How to apply the Soft Focus Effect in Picasa2

Picasa2 is an ostentatious yet practicable digital photo editing and organizing application which has lived considerably up to the expectations of the users due its improvements ever since its first release. Picasa2 is undoubtedly, excellent for novice as well as casual digital shooters who want to organize their all their pictures, keen on arranging them in albums. It allows quick edits, retouches and great special effects along with the efficient facility of sharing with friends and family over the internet. Although it not meant for professional editing, it is far better for beginners.

How to give sketch effect using Photoshop CS2

Adobe Photoshop CS2, the most efficient photo-editing tool offers various artistic effects that can render your simple and typical photographs into dynamic and enhanced art works. One such effect is Sketch effect. In this peculiar style a photograph or an image or converted into a sketch. These kinds of effects are essential while preparing your tour portfolio or just remembrance album of your most memorable journey or anything that needs an artistic look. The only thing you need to bear in mind is that the image should be high contrast in itself to get the best looks. Also see that the background must not be too busy, the simpler the better.

Removal of Red Eye Defect Using Zoner Photo Studio 10

Zoner Photo Studio 10 is the best and probable one of the most efficient tools to organize your photos. With this software, you get an all-in-one photos editing and managing program that not only allows you to upgrade your photos and edit them but also supports sharing!

Removal of Red Eye Defect Using Picnik

Picnik, the online photo editor is wonderful software that allows you un- interrupted photo-editing, even when the internet connection is disconnected. It’s absolutely cool and creative user friendly software that makes photo editing a child’s play. Picnik allows you to edit things in a variety of ways. One can edit an image, crop, sharpen, rotate, change its exposure level, re-color it, resize, fix red eye, and auto fix.  

Create your St. Valentine’s Day Greeting Card using Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0

As soon as the Valentine Day approaches you start thinking of getting a good greeting card for your loved ones. The greeting cards available in market are too common. So why shouldn’t we create our own card. Don’t think that you don’t know drawing or painting you can’t create one. Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 provides a feature using which you can create beautiful greetings for all the occasions. Following article provides the information on how to create your best greeting Cards.

How to print your pictures using PhotoLightning Software

After completing your photo editing, you would like to print all the photos to maintain your album, PhotoLightning application helps you a lot to make this possible in easiest way. PhotoLightning software is quiet simple and user friendly to print your photos either from camera or from hard drive. Photolightning is the best way to print, email, and enhance your digital photos. You also get a good quality of printing as this software comes along with interface containing three steps using which you can process, edit and organize your image.