VicMan's Photo Editor - Versatile image editor Software

VicMan’s Photo Editor is image editor software with an instinctive interface and a wide array of features. It comes with in built image enhancement function. This powerful application is user friendly, offering simple image editing, easy customization and high productivity. This award-winning software application is freely downloadable and comes with a variety of essential features for beginner and professional designers. Using VicMan’s Photo Editor, you can filter your digital photos; draw artwork effortlessly and as you would expect, producing excellent graphics for your photos.  

Review of VicMan’s Photo Editor

If plug-ins for filters is enjoyed by you, then you will really enjoy working with this software as it comes with number of plug-ins. Classic that like emboss and ripple, tremendous warp, caricature tool are examples of some plug-in present in this software. If you are still not satisfied with the range of filters available then Adobe Photoshop plug-ins are also supported by this software.  

Features of this VicMan's Photo Editor

  • Supports 30 and more image file formats
  • Contains more than 100 in-built filters, effects and transformation.
  • Can save images in the following formats PCX, JPG, GIF(Only the PRO one), BMP, TGA, TIFF
  • It imports the all the images from any kind of TWAIN sources
  • Supports plug-ins which are compatible to Adobe Photoshop
  • It can preview and edit the images at any scale.
  • Tool available for Drawing- Brush, Eraser and pencil
  • For color selection- Eyedropper
  • It can clone the image using its parts or another image as the source (for PRO version only)

Quick View of Available Features with some Snap-Shots  

VicMan’s Photo Editor

Image 1: Photo Editing Window

You can select the brush, pencil, or erasers set the transparency and customize new images as you do on the paper canvas. You can also select the colors with the help of eyedropper, also can paint gradient colors, also addition of anti aliased text in any picture is also possible. Rotation, waves, twirls, mirrors, fish eye effects are some of the additional features available in this software. It also supports the filters which are Adobe Photoshop compatible. One better feature is at the time of installation you get to view animated tutorials of this software.    

VicMan’s Photo Editor

Image 2: Description of Editing Tools  

VicMan’s Photo Editor

Image 3: Available Effects

VicMan’s Photo Editor

Image 4: Available Transformations

VicMan’s Photo Editor

Image 5: Available Plug-Ins 

Some of the disadvantage of this software are; Export of gif format is not possible till you become a registered user for this software. Opening of more than two images is not possible using this software. This software is not more primitive in case of competition. Filters produce good images but editing and painting tools are less versatile in case of this software. Overall this is a good editor but not as power full as Sheriff Photo+ or say Pixia.