How to take photo for a desktop wallpaper

What do you think of photography? Yes, that is the first question I need to ask throughout this article. You consider it an art, or something similar to that, then you are on the right track.

How Many Megapixels Do I Need?

Whenever I discuss about digital cameras, and what cameras should one pick, I stumble upon this particular question – how many megapixels does one need. For one reason or another, there is a constant craving for higher numbers – many people use 10MP cameras, and have no use for about 50% of those megapixels.

How to pose for a sexy photo

We all like to come out excellent in pictures, however, how often does that happen? How often didn’t we regret that silly pose, or the fact that we did not tilt our head more to the left or more to the right? In addition, that is just the beginning of it. Aside from the blemishes, and issues we all have in regards to the way we look, it is a true talent to know how to pose in a way that will be completely in your advantage.

How to find good places for taking photos

For many reasons, photography is similar to advertising – you need to find the right location. If you want to have numerous customers through your shop, you should find an excellent location that will attract many potential customers. Amazingly, the thing with finding the best place for taking photographs is just as hard.

Black and White Photography in the Modern World

Black and white photography is like classical music. It has its own way, it is simply something special. Moreover, while back in the old days, this type of photography was often the only one, nowadays it reaches more and more popularity exactly due to its vintage look. While many typical cameras have their own option for Black and White photos, shooting in b/w is often more difficult than shooting in color.

How to make a photo portfolio

Have you enjoyed taking pictures for family and friends? Would you like to expand your research; would you like to sell your photography skills as a service? If so, creating a portfolio of your work is a must-do. Without it, your passion for photography is likely to stay a hobby and not become a profitable career. Since it is important to create a portfolio of your work, you may be ready to get started.

Wedding photos mastering - Tips for Success

Many wedding guests view taking wedding photographs as only a casual activity. If they take them, it is often done on impulse to get a good picture for the bride and groom. Honestly, most guests are there just to have fun and taking pictures is the last thing on their mind. You on the other hand, may have a different view. Yes, you want to enjoy yourself, but you also want to snap some great photographs for the bride and groom, as well as yourself. In that case, you want to do a little bit of planning.

How to prepare a photo for photo gifts

It is no secret that buying gifts is sometimes hard. Occasionally, you get that gift recipient who seems like they already have everything. You could spend hours browsing online or local stores only to come up empty handed. During that time, you will be overwhelmed with stress. If you are in this position right now, stop! The perfect gift is a photo gift. Photograph gifts are ideal for close friends, family members, or someone you do not know all that well (like a school bush driver, teacher or new coworker).

How to create Halloween photos

The Halloween is coming up and you should start thinking about some cool effects for your or your friends photos. There is many tutorials about how to create Halloween photo effects using common graphic editors like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2. However none of them offers special graphic tools for creating Halloween photos like the online photo editor Picnik does. Lets come to look how you can change your photos to get a Halloween atmosphere.

How to backup photos

As a digital camera user, your pictures are stored on your computer. The ability to store pictures on a computer is a great feature. You can easily share your pictures with others and choose which photographs you want to print. With that said, have you backed up your photographs? Right now, if your computer got a virus and crashed, what would happen to your precious memories? If you do not have backup copies you are out of luck. Speaking from personal experience, this is a place you never want to be.

How to take a good photo on concerts

Here is the scene: You are at the hottest rock concert in years. You are so excited to be there, having the time of your life. The music is great, the night is young and you are having fun with your friends. Of course, you want to document this once in a lifetime moment. Unfortunately, that might not be as easy as you had hoped. Taking good photos at a rock concert can be hard; it takes a lot of practice and patience. That exciting scene that has you all caught up in the moment (you know the moving performers and the bright flashing lights) is not exactly a camera’s best friend. That is why you need to be prepared.

Lightroom 2 Tips and Tricks

Post-processing has reached a new era ever since people have learned to shoot their pictures in RAW. Before I wrote this article I took some time to think whether it would be a good idea to show you the miracles of RAW or whether it would be more interested to show the good Lightroom can do to a mere JPG image. Even if this particular article will not be a step-by-step tutorial I will make sure no part (of the article) of it is left unexplained. I used the new version of Adobe Lightroom, more precisely Adobe Lightroom 2.3

D-SLR and EVF differences

As a photographer, I have often considered very important for the equipment to fit the photographer’s need. For example, I find it more important for one to find the best tool for his needs, rather than the most expensive, most branded and most popular object on the market. You see, one can become an excellent photographer with a lower quality camera because at the right point, the photographer will realize that the technical limitations are setting him back. As long as you have a lot more to learn about photography, about your tools and how they work, there is no need to go for the expensive stuff.

PhaseOne P40+ medium format system

The internet has been filled with news in regards to the new PhaseOne P40+ medium format system just a few weeks ago, however, it shall take a while until we shall receive some on-hand reviews since this particular system cannot be used by just any photography enthusiast.

How to Use a Gray Card

Color management in photography can be a difficult task. I mean, displays usually show different colors – have you ever compared the image that you see on your camera display, on your computer screen and then out of your printer?