Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.2- King of the Digital Photography

Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.2 is freeware photo software for browsing, organizing, sharing, and fixing digital photographs. This allows you to manage, edit and organize your digital photos. Automatically fix frequent photo flaws in just single click or two. And easiest way to share your digital photographs in a PDF or normal slideshow with captions, or e-mail photos to family and friends. Adobe Photoshop Album doesn’t contain any spyware or adware. 

How to take Photograph of yourself?

Once I bought a camera cell phone, everyday I use to take pictures of my friends and family. After a month or so I was checking the photographs taken, and then I came to know that the cell phone doesn't contain any of my photographs. Immediately I tried to click one photograph of my self. One picture contained my face as well as my hand which I had stretched for holding the cell phone. Later I tried to avoid my hand and tilted the cell phone in upward direction the picture taken contained only half of my face. I went in front of mirror to take my picture however the picture contained the cell phone itself. Then I worked on the procedure discussed below and was able to get my perfect picture. 

Windows Live Photo Gallery – Most Powerful application of Window Live Suite

The Windows Live suite is Microsoft's first integrated set of downloadable Windows Live applications. Windows Live Photo Gallery is one of the most interesting applications in the Windows Live suite, from my point of view. Windows live suite includes one of the most desktop-based photos and videos management application is Windows Live Photo Gallery. Organize the photo collection, creating a slide show, use the slide show as the screen saver, powerful editing tools such as cropping, contrast adjusting, brightness adjustment, red eye removal are some of the key features available with this software. Beta review has been updated to reflect the final shipping Windows Live suite. With the Windows Live suite, Microsoft is making its integrated set of Windows applications available via a single installer from the Windows Live Web site.

Picasa 2 – The Best Photo Management Software

As soon as Picasa 2 was acquired by Google, it decided to make the software available free to users. Picasa 2 is the easiest program available for photo management. Backing up your photos, editing them, adjusting them are some of the available features. When Picasa 2 is installed into your system, it first scans the whole hard drive and searches for the available photos and images into the hard drive and displays them in libraries. It supports each and every image format available today in market. 

How to find all faces using Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0?

Your images database keeps on accumulating lots of images everyday. The database contains all sorts of images ranging from environmental landscape, family photos, etc. Some time when some of your friends arrive and if they want to know about your family members and want to see there photos then it becomes a very difficult job to get the images containing faces of family members you have to sort it from the whole database available. But Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 is software which has the facility to search images containing faces of people from your available database. 

Paint.NET – Freeware Software for Your Digital Photo Editing

There are many popular features are missing as a Paint Program of windows. Paint.NET is a software use for manipulation, retouching or adjustment tool of your photos and images to Windows users. Features such as special effects, multiple undo, layers and many more powerful tools required for image and photo editing. This software contains pixel-based selection and painting tools along with simple recolor, clone, text, drawing lines and shape. The main advantage of this software is it is available free and is open source software. 

PhotoFiltre - The true filter for your photos

PhotoFiltre is freeware software to filter your photos and this software is designed by Antonio Da Cruz which is specially made just for retouching your images. With help of this software you can do simple or complex adjustments in the image and also a vast range of filters can be applied on it. This software is very easy to use for the amateur artists as it provides very easy learning curve. The toolbars contains access to large number of standard filters available that to within few clicks. It also contain feature of bug fixing while saving the resolution from EXIF to JPEG.   

Artweaver - Picture Editor for Amateur Artists

Artweaver is freeware software using which we can do the simulation of brush tools which are natural. Artweaver is free painting and drawing program for the windows users. A clear program window is offered so that any user can use this software without any training. Artweaver is available in German and English versions and you can also easily translate the Artweaver program using the language files into different languages. All artistic effects required by you for the work are available by Artweaver. Creation of sketches with the help photography, you can also experiment with help of different brushes available in the range. 

Pixia – The Best Japanese Art Evolved

Pixia is the English version of Japanese software used for retouching and painting for color graphics developed and created by Isao Maruoka. But due to its available features, it became so popular that its user community itself upgraded Pixia and created Pixia. This software supports layer and masking and many more features. Brush tip customized by you and use of file as the brush tip is possible using this software. This software uses most common available techniques for editing. This software is also available in German, Korean, Polish, Chinese- Simplified and Traditional, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian, French, English versions. 

Create Beautiful Memories of your Wedding using Wedding Album Maker

Wedding Album Maker (WAM) is shareware software using which you can create beautiful and professional slide-shows of your wedding pictures that too along with custom back ground music created by you and mind blowing transition effects. After creating the show you can watch the show along with your family members and friends on your TV that too in the comfort of your living room.

VicMan's Photo Editor - Versatile image editor Software

VicMan’s Photo Editor is image editor software with an instinctive interface and a wide array of features. It comes with in built image enhancement function. This powerful application is user friendly, offering simple image editing, easy customization and high productivity. This award-winning software application is freely downloadable and comes with a variety of essential features for beginner and professional designers. Using VicMan’s Photo Editor, you can filter your digital photos; draw artwork effortlessly and as you would expect, producing excellent graphics for your photos.  

How to print your pictures using PhotoLightning Software

After completing your photo editing, you would like to print all the photos to maintain your album, PhotoLightning application helps you a lot to make this possible in easiest way. PhotoLightning software is quiet simple and user friendly to print your photos either from camera or from hard drive. Photolightning is the best way to print, email, and enhance your digital photos. You also get a good quality of printing as this software comes along with interface containing three steps using which you can process, edit and organize your image.   

How to use DigiBook?

The days are gone to manage your photographs in traditional albums and preserving them. It requires space to keep these heavy albums and needs to preserve them from varying environmental conditions. DigiBook is the software which helps you to create a digital photo album using your digital photos, images, and videos, and allows you to share between your friends and family members. The wizard of album allows you collect your images, import them and you can also organize them in customizable picture album. Using DigiBook thumbnail view you can find the particular snap very easily. 

How to create wallpapers using Paint.NET

Paint.NET is free image and photo editing software for windows users. Using the exciting features of this tool, users can create and enhance the wallpapers. This tool supports unlimited undo, various effects, layers, and a wide variety of photo editing features. Paint.NET is an enhanced version of MS Paint. If you want to use software which is more featured pack than MS paint and won’t like to use something like Photoshop, then Paint.NET is the good option. Paint.NET is free and open source. 

How to Take Pictures of Fireworks

By reading the topic you will think “What’s the big deal?” just try one and you will come to know the deal. If you try the traditional way your picture will some time just contain the smoke after the fire work is busted or your picture will be blurred due to shivering of your hand. So taking a picture of fire work is an art which can be mastered if gone by the way discussed below.