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The internet is full of shareware, commercial or freeware software for the photographers. From time to time we test the photographic software and write review. So if you are interested in news in Adobe's products, different RAW editors and other software, check the article within this section of Photo HowTo.

Microsoft ICE: the fastest panorama photography tool

Are you a panorama photography fan? If so, you probably should know about relatively new panorama photography tool from Microsoft – fast and powerful freeware application called Microsoft Image Composite Editor, or Microsoft ICE shortly.

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools 2: what’s new?

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools is nice freeware utility for geotagging your photos and adding some metadata information to them. I have mentioned it in my June’s article Microsoft Pro Photo Tools: geotagging and metadata editing. Now, Microsoft comes with second version of this application. It brings a few changes in user interface, RAW and HD photos support and much more.

Microsoft Research AutoCollage 2008

Did you heard about interested project developed by Microsoft Research? One of its applications is called AutoCollage 2008 and it is intended to photographers. With Microsoft Research AutoCollage 2008 you are able to create a nice collage from your photos.

Picasa 3 beta now available: what's new?

You surely know an image manager from Google. Its Picasa is now available in a new version as a beta. Picasa 3 brings some new features you would like. The upgrade works well, just install a new version and take a look at the list of news and changes.

Stunning photo galleries for your website

Are you looking for gallery solution on your website? If you have a lot of Flickr images and would like to show them on your own website in very interesting way, then you should try the new service called FotoViewr. It will create a stunning photo gallery based on your Flickr images.

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools: geotagging and metadata editing

How many Microsoft's software do you know? There is famous Windows operating system, office suite MS Office, Visual Studio for developers, designer set Microsoft Expression and perhaps several other giants. However it is surprising how many freeware tools are offered by Microsoft. Take a look at Microsoft Pro Photo Tools for batch editing of your photos especially for geotagging.

NitroDesk Photographer’s Edition - The Next Generation Desktop Application

This application will allow you to upload, manage and transferyour photograph collection and allows you to share your photos to the different picture sharing websites like SmugMug, PlanetEye, Picasa Web Albums, Facebook, Windows Live Spaces, Flickr and Shutterpoint. This allows you to update your photo collection and its photo properties from your PC or Laptop Desktop. NitroDesk Photographer's Edition currently runs on Windows Vista or Windows XP SP2 with .Net Framework 3.0.

PhotoZoom Pro 2 – King of Enlarging Digital Images

PhotoZoom Pro 2 is a new service using which you can easily zoom your Picture in and out and it won’t make your picture look fade when you completely zoom in. You can also remove print outs of your photograph even after zooming it in.

How to work with PicMe Photo Sharing

A Wide range of the online photo sharing communities is available in today’s huge internet Zone. The PicMe Photo Sharing is one of them to see, view and share the digital Albums quickly, safely with picnik, Flickr, Facebook and many others online services. PicMe supports highest Quality Pictures, share thousands of photographs, start-up with 100’s of snaps for free, and allows sharing your photos. PicMe photo sharing is the safest way to share your digital memory along with your family members and friends.

Extreme Depth of Field by the use of Helicon Focus

Entering into the new field of extreme photography, close-up photography, and one can now get a lot more powerful and exciting pictures by simple experiments than ever before. With the advent of latest innovations in field of digital photography one can try out real limits of larger depths of field and keep the resolution to highest. For instance, when photographing a smaller object of the size of a house fly, the required depth of the field is usually 0.1 mm or even less, while the optimum point is generally f/8 or even wider.

How to create a nice slideshow using Wondershare Photo Story Platinum?

Wondershare Photo Story Platinum is a very useful utility for creating excellent flash photo album which contains a professional layout along with special effects. It contains beautiful themes like family, love etc. It provides many ways to publish EXE, HTML, SWF Files, Online Albums and Screen savers. The steps just contains adding background, choose the introduction, apply the decoration and done.  

PhotoPlus 11: Magic Box from Serif

At its real sense, PhotoPlus11 is basically a Photoshop clone devoid of the most advanced features. The interface is more or less matching to Photoshop, considering the tool icons or even the layers pane. It allows the consumers to work with several layers. It also supports masks. Only one considerable weakness being that you can't add new toolbars. One can create and edit animation effects using layers. This is specially needed for the Web applications. There are also available at your service a number of filters to play with.

Adobe Photoshop Express

It’s a new addition to the world of Adobe digital imaging franchise, and referred by the Vice- President of Adobe’s Hosted and Consumer Services as an on ramp addition to its services! With its user friendly flash based interface, and sturdy retouching algorithms, this software represents Adobe at its finest editing capacity. Its polished and striking interface with comparatively faster operating tools make it user attractive. However, one must beware of the loop holes, it does not support files from 12 MP or higher cameras. Another important drawback is that one does not have any printing options.

Microsoft Digital Image Starter Edition – Free Photo Editing Magic Box from Microsoft

Using Microsoft Digital Image Starter Edition you can be in total control of your available photos and digital images. This software makes your digital images appear in their best. There are lots of image enhancement tools available. Editing tools ranges from smart erase to panoramic stitching. Picture organizing tools ranges from applying music to slideshow edit. Retrieving damaged images and online ordering of images.  

Duel: IrfanView vs. XnView

If you start thread comparing these two views, then the job become quiet complex to decide which the better one is. I am very use to IrfanView due to my use of this view from last few years. But when I tried a hand on XnView the experience was quiet calming. 

Excellent browser for files is the best feature available in XnView. In case of IrfanView when it comes to its available Thumbnail View, the look available is very worst.