Microsoft Pro Photo Tools: geotagging and metadata editing

How many Microsoft's software do you know? There is famous Windows operating system, office suite MS Office, Visual Studio for developers, designer set Microsoft Expression and perhaps several other giants. However it is surprising how many freeware tools are offered by Microsoft. Take a look at Microsoft Pro Photo Tools for batch editing of your photos especially for geotagging.

Panoramatic photo using Zoner Photo Studio

This type of photo studio is made for all the users of cameras, digital cameras, mobile devices and in scanners. From begin to end it contains all the tools, which one needs for high quality digital processing. It contains various tools such as;

Monopods, Bipods, Tripods

Monopod is pole which is used to support the cameras and video cameras; it is also termed as unipod. As it supports the camera it helps the photographer to hold the camera steadily which allows the photographer to take better images with longer focal length lenses even at a slower shutter speed.

Panoramatic photography

Panoramic photography is a type of photography which aims at creating images with exceptionally broad fields of view. Panoramic photography is as ancient as photography itself. Joseph Puchberger was the first one to submit recorded patents for a panoramic camera in 1843 in Austria.

How to take photographs of food

Food photography is not an easy task and is a difficult ability for a photographer to learn. Following things should be known to the photographer before the food is being photographed:

  1. To have knowledge of light,
  2. Different angles of a camera,
  3. And the nature of the food

The lighting and all the other photographic elements should be turned on before taking the pictures of food because the food looks unappetized if these factors are not taken into the consideration.

Shutter Speed

Shutter speed can be defined as a length of time required for a shutter to be opened; in this the total exposure is directly proportional to the interval of light reaching images or film sensor. The shutter speed can also be defined as the amount of time the shutter is kept opened.The upper diaphragm of a lens big or small values and timing of the shutter curtain. These two perform the work of regulating the light entered in to the camera and exposed.

SLR Cameras

The term SLR stands for SINGLE LENS REFLEX. The cameras which uses single lens for viewing and taking pictures is known as SLR CAMERAS. The light from lens up into a prism for viewing is directed by a mirror in the body, just before an exposure is made the light flips out of the way. The two common examples of SLR CAMERAS are:

Features and Functionality of ISO

ISO sensitivity will express the amount of speed in photographic negative material. ISO Sensitivity varies from ISO 100, 200, 400, 800 or equivalent. It denotes the sensitivity of the picture sensor to the total light present. If you want to take photographs where there is less light you should increase the ISO speed, it is more sensitive to the photo sensor.

Improving your Images: Tips to Enhance your Nature Photography

It seems like everyone today has a digital camera that they carry around to snap photos here and there. Often the photographer seldom gives a second thought to what they are shooting. It's just snap and go. Here are a few tips to help you get better results when photographing landscape and scenic shots.

How to take food photographs

Are you a Food Lover or a cook?? Then this article will definitely help you a lot. When you view any food pictures your mouth starts watering then you feel like eating same dish. You can make your owns delicious Food Recipe Book by taking photographs of whatever you have prepared.

How to take Photos in the Snow

When we think about winter what strikes in our head is snow. Snow falls in most parts of the world. In winter, the skies are blue and crisp. Ice and snow offers many chances to take abstract and close-up images. Snowstorms are attractive and snow left after the storm is wonderful to take photographs. Winter is a good time for Photographers where they can get in action to take lovely, tricky Photographs.

How to add a dynamic sky to your photo

There are various methods to add sky in your photo especially when you want blue sky in the background of your photo and white appears. Now it is possible to change the sky background very easily by the help of photo editing program for this you can use tools like Photoshop and there are many other tools too.

NitroDesk Photographer’s Edition - The Next Generation Desktop Application

This application will allow you to upload, manage and transferyour photograph collection and allows you to share your photos to the different picture sharing websites like SmugMug, PlanetEye, Picasa Web Albums, Facebook, Windows Live Spaces, Flickr and Shutterpoint. This allows you to update your photo collection and its photo properties from your PC or Laptop Desktop. NitroDesk Photographer's Edition currently runs on Windows Vista or Windows XP SP2 with .Net Framework 3.0.

PhotoZoom Pro 2 – King of Enlarging Digital Images

PhotoZoom Pro 2 is a new service using which you can easily zoom your Picture in and out and it won’t make your picture look fade when you completely zoom in. You can also remove print outs of your photograph even after zooming it in.

How to work with PicMe Photo Sharing

A Wide range of the online photo sharing communities is available in today’s huge internet Zone. The PicMe Photo Sharing is one of them to see, view and share the digital Albums quickly, safely with picnik, Flickr, Facebook and many others online services. PicMe supports highest Quality Pictures, share thousands of photographs, start-up with 100’s of snaps for free, and allows sharing your photos. PicMe photo sharing is the safest way to share your digital memory along with your family members and friends.